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Venue & Accommodation

The 9th International Winter Conference on Brain-Computer Interface will be held at High1 resort that proposes a multi-purpose resort where provides the decent seasonal activities including skiing or snowboarding. The idea of BCI winter conference is to have interesting presentations through talks and posters about topics in Brain Computer Interfacing and to discuss important future challenges of the BCI field. This will allow the informal to exchange ideas and also to experience seasonal descent activities!

i. Conference Venue: The conference seminars will be held in the Ballroom on the 4th floor of High 1 Grand Hotel (Convention Tower). Gangwon province, Korea..

Please click the following picture for more information about the Convention Tower.

ii. Reservation:  

Discounted hotel rooms at Convention Tower are offered to those who register and attend.

1) For Korean attendees
Hotel room booking will be done through High1 booking website. It will be available early January and posted in the Announcement page. Also group reservation for Condominium will be available online.

2) For foreign attendees
Please find the Reservation form to have the room reserved. Request the form and fill out the form and send it to BCI2021 Secretariat (korea.bci2021@gmail.com). Its availability is subject to change. The deadline for reservation will be February 15, 2021.

Other information can be answered via email.

Please click the following picture for more information about Mountain Condominium.

This special room rate is only available for the conference dates and for those who have registered. If staying before or after the conference dates or without registration, the rate may vary. Please ask for more information.

Check-in time is 3pm and Check-out time is 11 am. At the time of check-in, the payment must be made at the hotel front desk then the receipt can be obtained.

For any other inquiries please send an email to the BCI2021 Secretariat.


iii. Skiing & Snowboarding

If you are interested in enjoying skiing or snowboarding, gear rentals & tickets can be secured via BCI2021 Secretariat. All reservation for skiing “& snowboarding issue will be dealt after registration & hotel reservation are finished. The reservation opens for 5 working days only after hotel reservation ends. Please contact BCI2021 Secretariat via email for more information.


iv. How to Get to High1 Resort:


You can check the directions and Shuttle Bus in this